Explore your part in our diverse, global alumni community and how it can 支持 you.


你们是一个多元化的全球校友社区的一部分,这个社区有超过25万名校友. 无论你的毕业之旅带你去哪里, 大学和校友社区都在这里支持你们.


问校友+ is the home of 指导 and professional networking for the University of Greenwich community. 作为会员,您可以:

  • 拓宽你的职业网络
  • 从业界校友那里寻求以职业为重点的支持
  • 为那些追随你的脚步的人提供以职业为重点的支持
  • Develop e-指导 relationships with fellow alumni either as a mentor or mentee
  • 通过职业指导计划指导在校生



Undertake postgraduate study at the University and take advantage of a discount of up to £1000 against the costs of your study. 适用条款和条件, 了解更多关于校友研究生折扣.



For up to two years after completing your studies you have access to the full range of 服务 provided by the Employability and 职业生涯 Service. 通过简历获得支持, 工作申请, 职场信息, 实习, 指导, 毕业工作, 模拟面试, 研究生学习申请等.


The Employability and 职业生涯 Service also offer a wide range of 服务 to employers, 从中小型企业到跨国公司, 帮助您接触 大学的潜在毕业生和学生. This includes free jobs brokerage, invitations to exhibit at recruitment fairs and more.

格林尼治为雇主提供了一系列的学位学徒. The University is an established training provider working directly with employers across many sectors. 了解更多关于学位学徒的信息.


Hundreds of Greenwich students sign up every year to learn from established professionals. 如果你或你的同事对指导的好处感兴趣, 从培养领导技能到培养毕业生人才, 然后请发邮件 指导@nagomiyado.com.


For up to three years after completing your studies you can access a range of opportunities, 包括奖学金, 研讨会, 格林威治的免费联合办公空间, 以及一年一度的企业挑战赛.



在试运行成功之后, we are delighted to offer a discounted library membership scheme to all members of the alumni community, 提供每年30英镑的校园图书馆使用权(以前是50英镑).

这一优惠一次最多可借阅5本书, 免费WiFi接入, and members will receive a laminated card which will provide physical access to the sites. 如欲向图书馆服务组登记帐户, 请填写这张表格. 因为学校的许可义务, alumni are unable to use university computers or any electronic information products, other than online catalogues and specific alumni-only resources which are accessible online (e.g. 在线期刊如下所示). 一旦您的帐户被批准,您将收到付款请求. 您的会员资格可能需要4周的时间才能获得批准.




需要创建一个帐户,所以 请填写这张表格 您的帐户应该在大约一周内可以使用. 有关在线期刊访问的问题,请 联络图书馆服务组.


The University of Greenwich Library Service has put together an extensive collection of open access resources to 支持 alumni who are interested in further study, 研究与终身学习. 探索他们为校友整理的所有资源.


全年, 校友被邀请参加一些面对面的和虚拟的活动, from alumni-led talks to a range of industry- and academic-led public lectures, 以及在奔驰宝马网站大学画廊的公开展览.



T在这里 are three exhibition spaces on the Greenwich Campus: The Stephen Lawrence Gallery; The Project Space and the Heritage Gallery. 校友 are welcome to attend exhibitions throughout the year, and by joining the 图库邮件列表将是第一个听到特别活动和预告的人.


如果你有兴趣在运行自己的事件(i.e. 重聚),或者想在大学活动上发言, 请发邮件给奔驰宝马网站 欲知详情. 你可以在这里探索奔驰宝马网站目前的现场志愿服务机会.



校友可以在 奔驰宝马网站的艾弗里山校园健身房享受折扣.



校友在三个校区的房间都可以享受10%的折扣. 如需进一步信息,请与会议办公室联系. 电话020 8331 9345或发邮件 conferences@nagomiyado.com.


We're delighted to hear when our alumni come back to visit their old campus or some of our new sites.


如果你要来格林威治校区,那为什么不呢 看看这些特别设计的音频导游 that explain more about some of Greenwich's famous landmarks and our university facilities? If you'd like to visit the 校友 and Fundraising Office (we're based in Queen Mary Building, 159房间, Greenwich campus) then please drop us a message at least a couple of days in advance of your visit.

确保你也在Instagram上的任何访问照片中标记奔驰宝马网站, 脸谱网, 推特(@greenwichalumni)使用# gregrad.



享受独家访问TOTUM职业, 专为毕业生和专业学习者设计的福利服务. 享受折扣200+品牌,包括ASOS,微软和拉斯鬣蜥.



We've teamed up with university partners Charlton Athletic Football Club to offer alumni £10 tickets to home league matches during the 2022/23 season.

请看到查尔顿运动员的男子一队装置的完整列表 在这里.

折扣可通过代码兑换,您可以通过电子邮件接收代码 alumni@nagomiyado.com. 给奔驰宝马网站发邮件时, 请确认您的全名, 校友编号(如已知)及你希望参加的比赛.

Each code is valid for one alumni ticket and is only valid for the stated fixture. New codes for each fixture will typically be released to the 校友 and Development Team two weeks before match day.


  • 访问 预订.cafc.co.uk
  • Please click sign-in/register in the top left hand corner (top right hand corner if you are using a mobile phone). You will need to register your details on our database if you haven’t purchased tickets with Charlton Athletic before. If you have purchased tickets with Charlton Athletic please log into your account using your FAN ID or registered email address.
  • 登录后请选择门票, home game and then click the add button under the match that the promotional code is valid for.
  • This promotional code is valid for any seat in a ZONE 2 area within the stadium. 在点击“添加到购物篮”之前,请选择最多1张比赛门票.
  • Enter the promotional code you have received in the ‘enter coupon’ box and then click ‘Activate’.
  • Select whether you want to print the ticket yourself at home or have it sent to your mobile phone, 然后“继续结帐”.
  • 最后, tick the box to accept the terms and 条件 before selecting submit to complete your order. 您的票很快就会送到您的邮箱.


的工作, offers online health and wellness 服务 ranging from personal training, 营养指导, 普拉提, 这种训练课程, 拉伸, 力量和更多. They help their clients build confidence in themselves and their body’s with attentive coaching, 鼓励和愉快的锻炼. 他们提供1-2-1定制培训和课程, 并为格林尼治大学的校友提供特别折扣, 哪种服务可以打八折. 来吧,加入他们多样化的社区,全身心地投入工作!

使用 Greenwich校友 所有个人课程,个人训练课程和拉伸课程.

Greenwich校友Bundle works for all packages, including personal training bundles and the Lifestyle Reset Programme.

每月订阅课程, 请按此处. 特别折扣已经申请了.

如果你对校友折扣或的工作,'s服务有任何疑问, 请发邮件至hello@workthat.co.uk.


如果你是最后一年或唯一一年的学习, 探索这些信息, designed to help you make the most of the 支持 and resources available to you as you begin to prepare for the end of your studies.

这包括有关学生健康的信息, financial and careers 支持 as well as when access to your university email and library accounts end.